Biodiversity of Nepal

Nepal has 49th position in the World Biodiversity. There are over 22,000 species reported from Nepal, i.e., 1.3% of the global biodiversity. In richness of flowering plant species, the country holds 27th position in the world and 10th in Asia. There are 6653 species and sub-species of Angiosperms, 28 species of Gymnosperms, 1001 Algae, 2025 Fungi, 771 Lichens, 1150 Bryophytes and 534 Pteridophytes in Nepal. Number of faunal species recorded from the country is over eleven thousand (210 mammals, 871 birds, 228 fishes, over 12957 insects, 137 reptiles, 53 amphibia, 168 Platyhelminthes. Plants and animals occur up to snowline which lies at up to 5500 m in general. Bacteria Geodermatophilus obscurus everesti has been reported from an altitude 8308 m (Hong and Li 1996, cited in TISC 2002). Cultivation of farm crop can be seen up to 4200 m, and rice is cultivated up to 2900 m in Jumla. Orchids and rhododendrons add beauty to the Nepalese biodiversity.