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We offer an internship program for bachelor, master and PhD students. Our main aim to organize this program is to communicate scientific temper among young talent and promote them to work for the conservation of biodiversity. With the help of this program, interns can enhance their understanding about the present challenges in promoting conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Our interns will conduct research on the publication of different species such as scientific expedition or breakthrough discovery. You can learn about different elements of deterrence methods that act in various cases and develop teamwork and interpersonal skills in the multitasking professional environment.


As the population increases rapidly day by day, earth is feeling the impact of human expansion, deforestation and construction projects. Now day forest is being slashed and burned, different animal species are wiped out completely and human beings are the major part of this problem. To save our earth we have to control these unnecessary things that harm resources of the earth this is an exciting time to get involved in the environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. Our organization work towards for preserving natural resources and ecosystems and we seek the volunteers who are interested in making a difference.


As a donor, you can help us build a strong and steady financial base so that we can run and grow our essential operations in promoting biodiversity. We currently receive funding from a number of sources to cover the cost of our operations and conservational activities. Our organization manages a vast arrange of conservation programmes throughout Nepal. Much of our work is done in partnership with communities and business who stand with us. We greatly appreciate your valuable donations, which are always needed for our organization. NBRCC for research and conservation of biodiversity of Nepal is a small but growing organization. Although we have got a limited budget and stuff, we are also having an outsized impact on biodiversity conservation. Now we are looking forward to gearing up for even bigger plans. For the success of this plan, we need to sound financial. So your donation will be very helpful for us to grow. To help revive this beautiful and blue-green planet, please make a contribution on the specified address or you can also call or email us.

Adopt HWC victim's child for education

By helping a child for study, you can make really a huge difference for Asian Elephant conservation. Child refers here to the family members whose father, or mother or head of the family has been in an accident with Elephant. Generally, the family of those humans who suffers from the side effects of conserving wildlife by getting influenced by the conflict and losing their lives are taken care of by us. We provide their children with education and the basic facilities that are required by them at their early age that the family members cannot afford.

Adventure wildlife tourism

Nepal has been known as a diversely rich country in culture and environment and has been called a haven for adventure travelers around the world. The word adventure is referring to excitement, risk, and discovery to mental and physical experiments in nature. The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The demand for traveling is growing every year and new creative products to supply in this sector are increasing. We offer some precious tourism and promote scientific wildlife tourism in Nepal. Tourists are generally attracted by the mutual relationship of understanding that we have established with the wildlife and nature.